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Playboy Magazine May 2008 AJ ALEXANDER
Playboy May 2008 AJ ALEXANDER

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Playboy Magazine May 2008 AJ ALEXANDER

The Last Days of Chris Farley -- When greatness colors a person, it seldom stays in the lines. Great talents, great demons, great addictions -- they so often seem to be of a piece. This affecting excerpt from a forthcoming biography of Farley shows a portrait of a man whose troubles withstood the best efforts of his loved ones. Chris Rock, Tim Meadows, Chevy Chase, David Spade and others recall Farley's last desperate days. By Tom Farley Jr. and Tanner Colby The Best Seat in the House -- Not so long ago in a galaxy not that far away, a VCR and a 20-inch Trinitron were most people's idea of a high-tech home theater. Ah, progress. Steve Morgenstern highlights the latest components that will bring the multiplex to your living room, including flat-screen TVs, home servers, superspeakers, Blu-ray players and more. Playboy's 2008 Baseball Preview: A New Era -- Forget about steroids and perjury hearings -- America's favorite pastime is slugging back with conviction. Hall of Fame sportswriter Tracy Ringolsby runs down the season ahead and spotlights the best young players in each division. The Men Who Hate Hillary -- No woman in American politics has been the subject of such cruel scrutiny as Hillary Clinton. In the process, she has unwittingly become a reliable diagnostic instrument for calibrating male anxiety. Cultural commentator and feminist Laura Kipnis studies Clinton's right-wing biographers and discovers their vitriolic books reveal less about the woman who would be president than about themselves. In Old Moab -- Looking for a quiet drink along a stretch of sorry Utah desert highway, a drifter instead finds a barroom full of wild women eager to party and an amiable stranger harboring criminal intentions. Novelist Ron Carlson assembles an atmospheric account of how the unexpected wakes us to life.