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Playboy Magazine January 1967 Surray Marshe
Playboy Magazine January 1967 Surray Marshe

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Playboy Magazine January 1967 Surray Marshe


Playboy Magazine January 1967 Surray Marshe

Playboy Magazine January 1967 Surray Marshe features:
  • Playboy January 1967 Playmate of the Month Surray Marshe photographed by Alexas Urba.
  • Interview Fidel Castro by Lee Lookwood.
  • "The Lost City of Mars" by Ray Bradbury.
  • "The Crisis in Man's Destiny" by Sir Julian Huxley.
  • "George and Alfred" by P.G. Wodehouse.
  • "An Expensive Place to Die" by Len Deighton.
  • "The Lore and Lure of Roulette" by Joseph Wechsberg.
  • "No, Mac, It Just Wouldn't Work" by Robert Graves.
  • "Big Brother in America" by U.S. Senator Edward V. Long.
  • "Revolt in the Church" by Harvey Cox.
  • "Conscience Versus Conformity" by Eric Bentley.
  • "Slaughter of the Inocents" by Rolf Huchhuth. Lenny Lives!
  • "Lenny on Life and Death" by Lenny Bruce.
  • "The Last Show" by Dick Schaap.
  • "Who Be Kind To" by Allen Ginsberg.
  • "Memoriam" by Reverend Howard Moody.
  • "The History of Sex in Cinema -- Part XIV: Sex Stars of the Fifties" by Arthur Knight and Hollis Alpert.
  • Marilyn Monroe Brigitte Bardot Elizabeth Taylor (sheer clothing) Kim Novak (sheer clothing) Sophia Loren Marlon Brando (not nude) James Dean (not nude) Paul Newman (not nude) Rock Hudson (not nude) Frank Sinatra (not nude) Yul Brynner (not nude) Rossano Brazzi (not nude) Jayne Mansfield Diana Dors (not nude) Mamie Van Doren (sheer clothing) Annette Stroyberg (not nude) Pascale Petit (not nude) Mylene Demongeot Agnes Laurent (not nude) Scilla Gabel June Wilkinson (not nude) Simone Sylva Marlene Dietrich (sheer clothing) Zsa Zsa Gabor (not nude) Joan Collins Tina Louise Carroll Baker Arlene Dahl (not nude) Aurdrey Hepburn (not nude) Grace Kelly (not nude) Anita Ekberg The Playmate as Fine Art Artists Salvador Dali Andy Warhol Larry Rivers Ellen Lanyon Roy Schnackenberg Ben Johnson George Segal Tam Wesselman James Rosenquist Alfred Leslie Frank Gallo Playboy's Playmate Review Tish Howard Dolly Read Priscilla Wright Sue Bernard Judy Tyler Linda Moon Kelly Burke Karla Conway Susan Denberg Lisa Baker Melinda Windsor Dianne Chandler