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Playboy Magazine December 1968 Cynthia Myers
Playboy Magazine December 1968 Cynthia Myers

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Playboy Magazine December 1968 Cynthia Myers


Playboy Magazine December 1968 Cynthia Myers

Playboy Magazine December 1968 Cynthia Myers Features:
  • Playboy December 1968 Gala Christmas Issue Playmate of the Month Cynthia Myers (cover) photographed by Pompeo Posar and Knut Andreassen.
  • Interview Eldridge Cleaver by Nat Hentoff.
  • Symposium "On Creativity" Abe Burrows Truman Capote Lawrence Durrell James T. Farrell Allen Ginsberg Le Roi Jones Arthur Miller Henry Miller Norman Podhoretz Georges Simenon Isaac Bashevis Singer William Styron John Updike
  • "Another Way of Dying" by Fancis Clifford.
  • "The Regular Way" by Bill Cosby.
  • "The Mind of the Machine" by Arthur C. Clarke.
  • "Dark Eye" by Harry Mark Petrikis.
  • "The Reversal of the Overheated Image" by Marshall McLuhan.
  • "The Great Girl Nut Contest" by Roger Price.
  • "Big Daddy Says Yes, Big Daddy Says No" by Ken W. Purdy.
  • "Banjo Butt Meets Julia Child" by Jean Shepherd.
  • "Pacifism in America" by Norman Thomas.
  • "The Madhouse of Change" by Eric Hoffer.
  • "In Defense of Indolence" by Robert Morley.
  • "The Circumcision of James Buttonwood" by Ben Maddow.
  • "Roman Quartet" by Alberto Moravia.
  • "My Papa, Papa" by Patrick Hemingway.
  • "Wealth Versus Money" by Alan Watts.
  • "Academic Irresponsibilty" by Leslie Fiedler.
  • "Omar (Sharif) Acts Up" photography by Mario Casilli.
  • Lawrence of Arabia Genghis Khan Dr. Zhivago Night of the Generals More Than a Miracle MacKenna's Gold Funny Girl "A Portfolio of Erotica" commentary by Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen.
  • The Girls of the Orient Naomi Tani Philomena Tan Dinti Barredo Yuki Kuwabara Ai Li King Grace Gao Yukimi Shioya Marissa Delgado Kiyomi Kabayashi Yvette Popov Pat Tail See-Foon Chan Yawa Pene Lin Shun Chaiao Kim Mija Kiev Chinh Li'Mei Setsuko Kitase Kay Shimuzu Maureen Harrodine Sook Chin Tan Linda Chou Metta Roungrat Nad-Nada Lin Ssu Tuan Moran We Chizuko Arai Lee McKay Shia Moen )