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Playboy Magazine April 2009 Bettie Page
Playboy Magazine April 2009 Bettie Page

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Bettie Page Playboy Magazine April 2009


Bettie Page Playboy Magazine April 2009

Bettie Page Playboy Magazine April 2009 Features:
  • - International Playmates — Iryna Olhovska, Viktoria Metzker and Mai-Lan Leenders are all household names in their home countries. In April, they're coming to America. This is the kind of immigration we can all get behind.
  • - The Count is 1 and 10 to Barry Bonds — The biggest sports scandal since the 1919 Black Sox lands in court this month when Bonds’s trial on one count of obstruction of justice and 10 counts of perjury begins. Jonathan Littman, who has shadowed the big guy since the steroid accusations broke, gives us the book on Bonds. Will the ballplayer who has hit the most home runs and drawn the most bases on balls walk again?
  • - Bettie Page — Miss January 1955 forever transformed the way we appreciate women. She inspired art, fashion and millions of men’s fantasies. We look back at the cult icon with a pictorial. Seth Rogen — Hollywood’s leading jokester is back behind the badge, this time as a mall cop in Observe and Report.
  • - Rogen talks Canada, cannabis and comedy with Eric Spitznagel in the Playboy Interview.
  • - The Hilliker Curse — James Ellroy is writing a four-part memoir for us on deadline. From a memo he sent our editors: “It will be a treatise on the male romantic urge, a decorous tell-all, a thoughtfully essayed critique of the holy and horrific conjunction of men and women.” He delivers the first installment next month.
  • - Amy Smart — The unconventionally hot blonde and star of Crank 2 sits with Stephen Rebello for 20Q.
  • - The Last Bachelor — In fiction by Jay McInerney a libertine is about to give up his way of life and marry, but a chance encounter with a former paramour makes him rethink everything. On the eve of his wedding he revisits his old flame. That’s when things heat up.
  • - Of Con Men Old and New — Cyber crimes may seem complex, but they’re the same fundamental scams swindlers have pulled for ages. David Perry and Todd Howard explain and tell us how to avoid getting caught in the web. Hint: Don’t answer any e-mails from Nigerian “Princes.”
  • - Carlos Bernard — We dress up 24’s villain (or hero?) in suits perfect for a g-man or any man with style.
  • - Plus: The Playboy Bar turns into a gin joint and serves up the juniper, Fired Up!’s Hayley Mari