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Playboy Best from Playboy Number Five
Playboy Best from Playboy Number Five

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Playboy Best from Playboy Number Five
Featrues Interview Norman Mailer by Paul Carroll. Personality "BB: The Sex Kitten Grows Up" (Brigitte Bardot) by Andre Maurois. Articles "The Incredible Shrinking Ferrari" by Stirling Moss. "Executive Salaries" by Vance Packard. "The Pop-Op Caper" by William F. Nolan. "Papa and the Playwright" by Kenneth Tynan. "The Cold Society" by Nat Hentoff. "Love, Death and the Hubby Image" by William Iversen. "Noises in the City" by Irwin Shaw. "Satyrs and Nymphs" by Eldon Dedini. "The Sonics Boom" by Max Gunther. "Symbolic Sex" by Don Addis. "Chronicle of an Event" by Ken W. Purdy. "The Jam" by Henry Slesar. A Hypothetical History of Harems Peter Ustinov (not nude) with nude models. The Vargas Girl from the Twenties to the Present By artist Alberto Vargas. The Bunnies of Hollywood Linda Ridgway (not nude), Kathy Foster (not nude), Tanya Teran, Marilyn Kendall (not nude), De Russell (not nude), Judy Ryder (not nude), Suzanne McDonald, Heidi Becker, Pat Wright, Chere Davis, Sandy Molen (not nude), Marianna Case (not nude), Astrid Schulz, Melba Ogle, Sophia Sipes (not nude), Sam Moorman (not nude), Sharon Rogers, Lynda McDaniel (not nude), Vicky Valentino, Donna Haas, Ana Lizza (not nude), Christine Williams, Nancy Scott, and Gwen Wong..