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Playboy Magazine April 1999 Wrestling WWF superstar
Playboy April 1999 Wrestling WWF Superstar

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Wrestling WWF Superstar Playboy Magazine April 1999


Wrestling WWF Superstar Playboy Magazine April 1999

Playboy Magazine April 1999 Features:
  • Covergirl Sable WWF Superstar
  • Playmate of the Month Natalia Sokolova,
  • Profile "Chazz (Calogero Palminteri)" by Kevin Cook,
  • Interview Nick Nolte by Lawrence Grobel,
  • 20 Questions David Schwimmer by Robert Crane,
  • Features "Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution -- Part IX (1980-1989): The Great Repression" by James R. Petersen,
  • Spring Break Wyndi Pinckney, Missa Blanton, Erin Wilson, Shanon Snider, Monica Petschulat, Michelle Guice, Michelle Grafwallner, Lee Ann Koskie, Brenda Archiquette, Colleen Evilsizer, Emily Bowling, Mikyla Chernoff, Julie Drain, Melanie Starr, Jammie Parker, Stephanie Lindsey, Melissa Cordeiro, Tonya Millard, Alissa Paterson, Jessica Enlers, Jennifer Terra, Brandi Sawyer, Nicole Kosich and Leslie Thomas and much more!